Wednesday, November 09, 2011

~ Not A Wordless Day ~

Hatred is not as simple as it sounds because it affects our relationship with certain people around us, be it in the past, present or future..

Scar does not fade and becomes a collection of reminders on our daily life and hopefully making us stronger..

Pride is something subjective and always mistakenly judge as arrogant or ego but it is just a methapor of one's beliefs on how her life should be..

Self esteemed is somehow is a result of envy. It either helps making life happier or break it into pieces. Then comes the jealousy which has its greatest effect on the weakest people..

Rage is controlled by emotion and how gloomy it becomes may worsen its outburst..

Past is something complicated and for those who dwell too much into it is clearly not a forgiving person and she must have been suffered with BIG issues of her own..

So much of a wordless Wednesday huh?! Because feeling itself is not visible through writing so I here I am putting into details of the mixed feeling I have on this gloomy day.. (I was going to make a poem out of it but it would probably sounds corny!).

Happy Wednesday peeps!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~ Mekap ~

Jenuh tonyoh!
Sejak seminggu dua ni kat opis mesti orang tegur, "ada event apa hari ni?" atau pun "nak pi mana ni?". Paling kurang mesti tengok pelik kat aku, tensen sungguh!

Ni semua akibat bermekap la. Nampak sangat aku nih serabai memanjang bila pi opis, jadinya bila calit mekap sikit jer orang dah heran. Malu pulak tapi sebab sayang duit punya pasal dah beli segala benda alah tu maka harus la bermekap habiskan semua kang expired rugi. Tu pun aku gagah jugak calit sana sini selang 2-3 hari sekali kalo tetiap hari gamaknya jenuh keja tak jalan.

Sejak ada anak ni memang tak sempat dah nak solek molek nih, mai opis pun sikat rambut dalam keta ja masa stuck in traffic jam. Bukan la nak kata tak mekap lansung tapi cuma hari spesel macam koir ka, sambutan raya ka.. Hari lain mintak maap biar la berserabut pun memang tak sempat dah <-- dah la tak mekap, pakai pun serabai, makin lama makin gemok.. Tak serupa gaya pegawai lansung harap kat blazer ja, haha! 

Mekap baru tu suma beli sebab nak pakai masa dinner last July.. Tapi satu lagi pemangkin bermekap bagai nak rak semenjak dua menjak ni sebab nak guna lipstick Dior yang sebatang RM95 tuh.. Barang mekap paling mahal yang aku penah beli dalam seumur hidup, semata mata nak cukupkan total of purchase nak dapat free mascara, haha! Lagi RM5 ja nak dapat free mascara tp kena beli lipstick yg RM95, haha.. Ada ka barang CD yang rega RM5 kan?! Apsal aku tak decide tak yah amek mascara free supaya RM90 tak melayang?! 

Betul bendul betui time tu! Ha jenuh mekap la ni, nak menten mekap tak cayaq lagi, amek ang!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

~ Easy Peasy ~

I used to wish for Blogger to has an iPhone app so I could blog whenever and wherever I go. Since there was no app before, I tend to express my feeling on twitter, it's like my mini blog plus it's available with just one touch on my phone.

I expect to blog more since my wish has come true!

By the way, I'm writing this using my iPhone, cool isn't it?! The only downside is I can't format the font and paragraph...

P/s: Paragraph was justified later through laptop :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

~ Dedicated To A Special Person a.k.a Friend ~

As mentioned before in previous entry, I am experiencing the phase of low milk supply. I tried giving Ammar formula milk so many times but he refused and rather wait for me to come back from work. I struggled with frequent pumping sessions and used up all my frozen EBMs and this was the last packet I had at the last month of July..
The one and only..
I was really panic but pray to Allah that Ammar will soon accept formula milk. During the critical phase, I managed to provide up to 2.5 - 3 bottles x 4 oz (fresh + frozen milk) daily but with only 1 frozen EBM left, I would only able to provide 1 1/2 - 2 bottles and I assumed Ammar will start to give in and accept formula milk. That was the plan until something good came up.

I have a friend Sarah who was in pantang last August, she lives in KL but had her pantang at her kampung in Pokok Sena. As a friend I always share breastfeeding info and experiences with her since she also breastfeeds her 2 children. One day I received an sms saying that she wanted to give Ammar her excess frozen EBMs (a new mom is easily engorged) and her husband already gives permission. Never in my life that I thought this good offer would come but after discussion with hubby, we agreed. So there goes how it all started.

I went to Sarah's a day before Ramadhan and took 5 packets to try with Ammar and lucky enough he drank it like there was no difference (bijak betul ammar ni, susu lembu dia tak mau tapi susu orang lain mau pulak!). So we went there to pick up another 2 batches from Sarah. Lucky that Ammar now has ibu susuan plus 2 siblings in tow! Thanks Acik Ah or probably Mak Ah for her kind heart!

On 7th Syawal, we went to Pokok Sena again to beraya and pick up the last batch of the stock since Sarah is already completed her pantang and going back to KL. I guess with the stock of my EBMs (not so much) plus with Sarah's which totaled up to 150 oz are going to last for a month! Ammar is 21 months and insyaAllah he has enough milk until he turns 22 months old.
Sarah's frozen EBM
Sarah's too!
Having enough stock doesn't mean I need to stop pumping, the journey will not end soon at least for another 3 months until Ammar turns 2. For the time being, I am going to maintain my pumping sessions 2-3 times at work and once at home (midnight) even though I don't get much, 2-3 oz per session is better than nothing right? If those frozen EBMs would be all used up later, I will start to introduce him formula milk again and I hope he accept it slowly..

By the way, Sarah smsed and said she left another 50 oz for Ammar at kampung because she couldn't transfer too many frozen EBMs in her coleman ice box plus it is a long journey back to KL. I'm going to pick up that batch this weekend, may Allah bless her and her family.

To Sarah: We may not know each other for long but I pray that this friendship last forever! Zul, Ammar and I are very grateful to you and family. I don't know how should I repay everything that you have done to Ammar, may Allah makes your breastfeeding journey for Adam goes smoothly.. Amin..

3 siblings - on 7th Syawal
Sarah and I
Ammar with his mak susunya :)
Family with big heart - this one taken from Sarah's FB
How I met Sarah?! Here is some brief info in an entry at Sarah's blog!