Wednesday, November 09, 2011

~ Not A Wordless Day ~

Hatred is not as simple as it sounds because it affects our relationship with certain people around us, be it in the past, present or future..

Scar does not fade and becomes a collection of reminders on our daily life and hopefully making us stronger..

Pride is something subjective and always mistakenly judge as arrogant or ego but it is just a methapor of one's beliefs on how her life should be..

Self esteemed is somehow is a result of envy. It either helps making life happier or break it into pieces. Then comes the jealousy which has its greatest effect on the weakest people..

Rage is controlled by emotion and how gloomy it becomes may worsen its outburst..

Past is something complicated and for those who dwell too much into it is clearly not a forgiving person and she must have been suffered with BIG issues of her own..

So much of a wordless Wednesday huh?! Because feeling itself is not visible through writing so I here I am putting into details of the mixed feeling I have on this gloomy day.. (I was going to make a poem out of it but it would probably sounds corny!).

Happy Wednesday peeps!